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Our story starts more than 40 years ago in our mom’s kitchen where we began to learn how to make homemade breads.  Each Fall we

would help our mom make batch after batch of pumpkin bread, in various sizes, for friends and family alike.  


We served the pumpkin bread with Thanksgiving dinner, alongside the traditional rolls.  It had a special place on Christmas morning for breakfast, smothered in cream cheese, along with our other family favorites. There were tiny pumpkin breads for the mailman, perfect gift size loaves for our teachers and coaches, and countless larger loaves delivered to friends throughout the Fall and

holiday season.  And of course, the bread was a staple in our house. Different sizes and different reasons for giving, but always the same recipe and the same packaging – wrapped with a bow.


Now moms ourselves, we have continued the annual tradition, stocking up on pumpkin and ribbon as October rolls around so that we are “ready” when pumpkin bread season arrives.  We’ve made the bread in our kitchens with our children, and introduced the pumpkin bread gift in our own circles.  Jen has made it into mini muffins for preschool events. Angela has friends who bite into the loaf on their way home from her house – not even waiting to get home and slice it!  Both have friends who start asking – as soon as Fall rolls around – is it pumpkin bread time yet?  The reaction is universal and so heartwarming, that we now make the bread year-round, for special occasions and when we need that perfect gift or treat.

For years, we have heard from everyone “this is amazing!” and “why aren’t you selling this?”  So, while we thought about what it would be like to actually undertake this venture for as long as we can remember, in 2015 we tried it!  We were 2 sisters, in 2 kitchens, with 2 very busy lives, who decided to bring this gift of pumpkin bread to market.  Our first holiday season was a smashing success and we are expanding our venture for 2016.  We have just perfected another recipe, and our three varieties of banana bread are selling to rave reviews.  


We hope you enjoy it!

Jen lives in San Diego, California, with her husband and two young children.  When she's not making pumpkin bread, she is busy juggling a full-time career with a busy family schedule.  On a typical day you can find her at her office, running around with the kids, and in the kitchen baking - of course!  

Angela  lives in San Mateo, California, with her husband, Dennis, and their  kids, Katie and Andrew, now 17 and 16. She loves spending time with Dennis and the kids, being a lawyer, entertaining, playing tennis, learning golf, reading, gardening and ... baking bread and other goodies.





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