classic pumpkin

classic banana

chocolate chip pumpkin

chocolate chip banana

gluten free pumpkin

gluten free banana

sizes and prices:

tiny 8 OZ.
Approximate number of slices: [ 8 ] 
This is just right for someone to enjoy on their own over a couple of  days. It makes a wonderful small gift or token of appreciation. Think about this for a teacher's gift, a small birthday treat for a co-worker, or as a get well gift for a friend.


Classic                        $6

Chocolate Chip      $7

Gluten Free               $8

perfect 18 OZ.
Approximate number of slices: [ 8-10 ]

This is the size Ang makes most often.  It makes the perfect gift for a family - enough for everyone to have a slice or two.  It is also a more sizeable treat as a gift for any occasion, friend, coach, teacher and makes the perfect hostess gift.  


Classic                        $10
Chocolate Chip      $11
Gluten Free               $12



how to order:


Currently orders are accepted by telephone, text, or email ONLY and will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt, often sooner.


for northern ca orders:
Call or text: 650.787.8972

Please note variety, size, & number of loaves in your order as well as your preferred delivery date.

for southern ca orders:
Coming soon.

serving suggestions:


We have learned from friends and family that there are many different ways to enjoy our breads.  Here are some suggestions for serving this delicious treat:

  • have a slice with a cup of tea or coffee for a snack

  • top a slice of pumpkin bread with a heavy layer of cream cheese, preferably whipped cream cheese

  • serve as a side dish with breakfast, in Jen's house the menu is scrambled eggs, banana bread and fresh fruit

  • wrap an individual slice “to go” for your children’s snack at school or activities

  • bring as a "team snack" to soccer, little league, softball - kids and parents will love it!

  • top a slice with a layer of butter on top, softened so it spreads more easily

  • serve a platter of multiple varieties for a breakfast meeting, coffee or brunch

  • toast lightly 

If you come up with another way to serve and enjoy our breads, please let us know!

storage and handling suggestions:


One of the great things about our breads is that they stay fresh for longer than your average bakery item.  Each bread is delicious for 5 - 7 days stored at room temperature, and can be frozen for up to 6 months without compromising the taste and texture.  We recommend the following to extend the shelf life of your bread:

After opening the bread, please rewrap with plastic wrap.  To preserve the freshness further, place the plastic-wrapped bread in a ziploc bag and seal the bag.  If you wish to freeze the bread, we recommend you wrap it first in plastic wrap, then in aluminum foil, and then place the aluminum foil in a ziploc bag.

available in northern & southern ca

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